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The origins of the Blue Economy concept can be traced back to the mid 90’s, when the Belgian businessman turned author, Gunter Pauli, was asked by the United Nations to think about innovative business models of the future.

Blue Economy is an increasing sea of opportunity.


"Blue Economy" covers a range potential policy interventions ranging from:

  • Practical programmes for delivering any form of economic growth which is linked to the marine and maritime economy;

Through to:

  • More complex economic philosophies which draw on a range of ‘circular economy’ concepts and frameworks to deliver growth in such a way which preserves, maintains and enhances the marine environment (and therefore delivers more significant, long run benefits to society).


The Piraeus Blue Growth Initiative (BGI) is a structured entrepreneurship and innovation competition focusing on the marine and maritime economy, and was successfully awarded an UrbAct Good Practice status, last year. The BGI helps early-stage entrepreneurs develop and realize innovative business concepts and create jobs in the Blue Economy.

IMTC remains very active in Piraeus city. The Training School is directly engaged and involved into the Network of cities keen to build on their marine and maritime assets through an established platform across Europe, in which the Municipality of Piraeus collaborates.

IMTC has participated to the Piraeus BluAct Team & the BluAct last Transnational Meeting, through sessions, discussions, round tables and conclusions, for the decision-making of the concrete future planning actions for Piraeus, the Blue Growth and the Blue Economy.